Böhme, Markus, Die Nacht der Herzen.  Voodoo, 2010.

ISBN 13:978–3-9502701–3-6

Sample Text: From the first page: “Langsam senkte sich der schwarze Umhang der Nacht über dem kleinen Dorf im Süden der weissen Berge herab. Die Strassen und Hütten von Saintville waren mit einer Schicht aus weisser Schönheit bedeckt, während warmer Rauch aus den Kaminen gen Himmel stieg. Der einzige Zeuge der grauenhaften Bluttat, die sich in jener Nacht ereignet hatte, war der stumme Mond, der satt und prächtig am schwarzen Himmel prangte.”

In snowy Saintville, a mutilated corpse is found.  Many think that a human being could not be responsible for such a brutal crime. All that can be determined is that something evil has emerged from the mountains and threatens the entire village.

The splashy magazine-like pictures tell most of the story as the word to picture ratio is relatively low.  The pictures are realistic enough to convey the story, but do not often resort to goriness.  They often seem almost three with advanced use of shadow.  The dark subdued colors work with the written story to establish and maintain the novel’s sinister mood and mysteriousness.

This graphic novel is based on a short story in Mitternachtsgrauen, and the language is rather complex. For example, the first few pages contain long, complicated sentences with unfamiliar vocabulary.  German learners would most likely require a glossary, which could be an activity for learners. Another way to approach the vocabulary would be to write a simplified version based on the pictures and information from the original.

dienachtderherzen_cover Nacht der Herzen sample

teenMinimal blood and suggested violence.