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Flix.  Held.  Carlsen, 2003.

ISBN 13: 978-3551771094

The author takes the reader through a biographical journey.  He doesn’t only limit the biography to the past and the present day. Instead, he extends the story of his life into the future and to his dying day.  Told with Flix’s signature humor and artwork, this story takes a very close look into the life and the mind of the comic artist.

A short clip based on one episode from Held.


held coverheld sample

teenSuggestive themes, crude humor.

Riegel, Leonard.  Die Jagd nach der zündenden Idee.  Edition Moderne, 2011.

ISBN 13:978-3037310816

Sample Text: beginning of section entitled Die Memoiren: ,,Und? Wie kommst du mit einen Memoiren voran?” ,,Gut, dass du es ansprichst.” ,,Ich bin fertig. Sie sind genau sieben Seiten lang. Und das, obwohl ich Schriftgröße 22 benutzt habe.”  ,,Und was hast du bisher?” ,,Naja. Die ersten fünf Seiten handeln von meiner Geburt und dann folgt unsere Hochzeit. An mehr kann ich mich nicht erinnern.  Soll ich es mal vorlesen?”

Die Jagd nach der zündenden Idee is a humorous account of the life experience of the creative type and his or her on-going search for inspiration.  Large, simply drawn panels with economically stated but deeply philosophical statements characterize this text.  The book could offer comic relief for creative writing classes or other writing intensive courses.

Die Jagd  jagd sample page

E for everyoneNo questionable content, but the subject matter and intellectual level of content is better suited for advanced learners.

Rickenbach, Kati. Jetzt kommt später. Edition Modern, 2011. 

ISBN 13: 978-3037310755

Sample Text:  when Kati and a friend first arrive in Hamburg: ,,Waah! So viel Gepäck!” ,,Das können wir nie alles tragen!” ,,Sollen wir ein Taxi rufen?” ,,Spinnst du? Das ist voll teuer!” ,,Wie du meinst.” ,,Wir müssen mit der S-Bahn zur Station Sternschanze fahren.” ,, Ich mag das nicht, das Ankommen in einer fremden Stadt, in der man lange bleiben wird.” ,,Wieso nicht?” ,,Na ja, man fühlt sich irgendwie verletzlich. Ich weiss nicht… als wären alle ersten Eindrücke gleich entscheidend für den ganze Aufenthalt.”

Autobiographical coming of age novel that describes the life and development of the comic artist.  The book spans two time periods spent in Hamburg: 2004 as a student and 2009 settled down. It shows in great detail the daily challenges of someone pursuing a career in the graphic novel art. Rickenbach even makes a reference in the novel to fellow Swiss graphic novelist Sascha Hommer.

The novel is extremely long but an instructor could possibly use excerpts from it in class.  It takes place in Hamburg, so it would also lend itself well to other topics such as city life and student life.  There are also a lot of dialogues (if not exclusively dialogues), which would be great for in-class role playing (as seen in the above sample text).  It also contains a lot of colloquial expressions which would be great to support “real” conversational practice.

jetzt kommt coverjetzt kommt sample

teenNot too much questionable content. A couple of adult situations.

Mahler, Nicolaus.  Die Zumutungen der Moderne.  Reprodukt, 2007.

ISBN 13: 978-3938511541

This is a narrative that describes the day to day life of a relatively well-known comic artist.  The volume consists of autobiographical anecdotes that largely employ deadpan humor typical of this comic artist.

Lichtermagazin review

die zumutungen coverZumutungen sample

E for everyone No questionable material: students would need an advanced vocabulary and some understanding of the artist’s existence.